Welcome to my Plastic Free Life

2012 is the year of my experiment of living without any plastics that are not recyclable - this is going to be a challenge and I am sure I will fail sometimes but I will prevail.

Springfield MA has a large recycling center that services most of Western MA - hopefully I am going to tour the facility in January, so I can better understand what to recycle and what not to recycle. Already found out that Tubes of any sort are not recyclable - so the 1st product to go is Toothpaste. I have already found a recipe for homemade toothpaste

go to for this and many other home made cleaning products.

I decided to attempt this challenge after reading Plastics, a toxic love story by Susan Freinkel. I had already stopped buying any products in cans or tins, as I did not want to knowingly ingest BPA or any other chemical alternative to BPA. 

I grow my own organic vegetable in the summer,my garden is bio dynamic and I have the smallest patch of lawn for the dogs to utilize. 

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